10X: Retirement Reality

The Brief

In 2017, 10X Investments commissioned Brand Atlas to survey South Africa’s general population on savings and investments habits to identify trends and statistics within defined segments of South Africa’s economically active population, namely those with a monthly income in excess of $530. Brand Atlas samples the universe of 11.9 million economically active South Africans, as determined by Stats SA, through online completion surveys.

10X Investments subsequently approached Irvine Partners to ask how this raw data could best be put to use from a public relations perspective. Irvine Partners suggested compiling the data into a factual, objective report that would be made available to the public.

Our Approach

Irvine Partners recommended the report be focused around “Five findings on South Africa’s retirement landscape”, containing infographics, data analysis and quotes from 10X Investments. Through additional research and analysis and in close consultation with 10X Investments, the report was refined and condensed into what became the Retirement Reality Report (RRR).

The RRR serves as a vital barometer for the retirement crisis in South Africa as well as an analytical tool to elicit change among consumers, potential investors and the retirement industry as a whole. The inaugural report also details the savings disparity across racial groups as well as the divide between men and women.

Upon completion, the report was published, with Irvine Partners taking first a broad and then targeted media approach in the first week of the report’s release, securing coverage in Sunday and daily newspapers, followed by prescheduled broadcast interviews with 10X Investments spokespeople to unpack the report further.

In the two weeks that followed, Irvine Partners sent out further pitches, to targeted media, for interviews combined with finished articles on the five key findings within the report.

The Result

The RRR sparked numerous conversations and debates within the media about the consequences the country faces if the report’s retirement prognosis is not improved at individual, corporate and legislative levels. As a result, major daily and Sunday newspapers including the Cape Argus, The Citizen, The Witness and Sunday Times published stories on the RRR and its findings. Radio and TV interviews were quickly secured across eNCA, SABC and all major radio networks. This was followed in subsequent months by thought-leadership-related requests for interviews with the 10X team.

The total AVE coverage received was over $731 000 across 108 pieces of coverage in the online, print and broadcast arenas.

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